Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Hint 3 is done! A nice quick knit again. I've been speculating about the theme. On Sunday I went to a wonderful piano recital given by the very talented young John Chen. While his beautiful interpretation of Schubert washed over me my mind drifted to my stole (as it does!) and I started to think about flowing rivers and thought that's it! And the beads are the glints on the water as the river swirls and eddies around the rocks and boulders.

But then when I looked at someone's stole on Ravelry and then pinned out my own Hint 3 all I could see was a circle of flowers, possibly a garland?

So the guessing continues and I eagerly await the next hint.


T. said...

It's gorgeous. I am living vicariously thru all your secret stoles.

Anonymous said...

That's what I see too, posies of flowers. I need to catch up with my stole, we've been on holiday so I missed the first couple of clues. Not only that I need to finish a couple of things first. Yours is making me want to start straight away though......