Monday, 29 September 2008

Spring, I think

This weekend the weather suddenly turned warm and I thought spring had come. In fact it was so warm that I thought it might just even be summer and that we have skipped spring this year. The garden is showing very definite signs of spring in terms of the blooms.

But at the same time things are not looking too good. The garden is very dry and we have already had to start collecting water in the kitchen and bathroom and bucket it out to the garden. Our creek is very low and looks the way it usually does at the end of summer. Despite the long drawn out cold we have been experiencing this year, our rainfall has been very low. Spring rain has not amounted to much.

When I look up at the trees surrounding the house I can see how the canopy has thinned out. These messmates are showing their stress by all the leaves and branches they have been dropping.

I fear that these are indications that we are in for a tough summer.

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Anonymous said...

its strange to think how dry it is for you when we are still getting rain - but then again it rains here alot during april to november.