Friday, 28 November 2008

FO: Rib and Lace ankle socks

My socks are done and I love them.

In fact I finished them a few days ago but life has been a bit busy and I've not had a chance to get to the computer.

These socks took me down memory lane. They so remind me of the socks my grandmother used to knit for me as a child. The difference though is that Ouma Betty's socks were done in pure cotton. After a few washes they used to become hard and unyielding and very difficult for a little girl to get them on her feet. Ouma taught me a nifty way of folding them so that I could get them on my feet unassisted.

The bamboo makes these socks soft and silky. I hope they last as long as those cotton socks.


Anonymous said...

i love these socks! i wonder if they'll fit me ;)

Baruch said...

I love them too and you right, they do remind me of Ouma Bettie too. Again I say .. she'll be so proud of you!

T. said...

So nice they make you think of your Ouma.

Anonymous said...

Love the socks!
My recently finished socks have a bit of bamboo in the blend I love the sheen it gives to the yarn.