Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Henley done - well almost

I finally finished my Henley Perfected last night. I knitted this in ColourMart DK silk and it feels lovely against the skin.

I still need to add the buttons though. I haven't had a chance yet to find the right buttons.

Note that I have not provided any close-up detail because as usual I have made a real dog's breakfast of the seaming. I simply cannot sew. Its not for nothing that I have become a lace shawl addict. All that glorious knitting and at the end only a couple of ends to weave in - definitely my kind of sewing.

Having said that I have committed to more seaming. I've joined the Melbourne Cup KAL on Ravelry. Ha, there she goes again I hear you say. But this is a slightly different KAL - you simply knit whatever you feel like knitting, starting today. I've decided on this pattern. I swatched last night and used my lovely new gauge square to ease the pain. Today I've managed to cast on but I haven't got any further than that.

As part of my SSoS challenge I have started knitting a pair of socks with a heel construction I haven't tried before - short rows with wraps. I thought I would just knit a pair of vanilla socks in a self striping yarn but found that boring so I've added a panel of full diamonds. Bit lost in this yarn but it keeps me happy.


Baruch said...

Awesome, your Henley Perfected looks beautiful! Amanda, I’m bestowing your blog a ‘Blogging Friends Forever’ award in my 5 November post. Rules, etc. will all be there should you want to continue the thread.

val said...

Amanda you forget the power of clicking on the photo it gives me a nice big view of your knitting ;) and dont worry I cant see any bad sewing jobs when viewing it :)

I need to cast on another pair of socks aswell, but I want to get he lapghan completed first :) yours are lookin good!

Mary said...

The seaming looks fine to me.

Believe me, sometimes my attempts at it make the cat laugh - and I dislike doing it, you would not believe how long it takes me to break down and actually sew things up!

And man do I like the way the diamonds are so subtle in the socks...good choice.

N. Maria said...

I LOVE henley's! Yours look so perfect......and it might fit me...hummmm.