Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Time to get organised again

Every now and then I reach a point in my knitting when I feel that my Wips have been hanging around on the needles for far too long. I get an itch to start new things but feel I can't until I've knocked off some of the current projects. So, over the coming weeks I want to finish some things.

I've finished my Hoodie, except for a couple of buttons.

This will have to be gifted to someone living in a colder climate than ours. Anybody out there who wants to put a hand up?

I've completed the back of my Isabella for my Melbourne Cup KAL and I've started on the front. As there are no sleeves to knit I should be able to finish this sometime next week.

Then these socks have been hanging around for ages. I don't normally take this long to finish a pair of socks but somehow they never get a fair go. I'm knitting these as part of my SSoS challenge. I wanted to try a different heel construction.

Normally I knit a heel flap and then pick up the stitches for the gusset. With these socks you knit the heel and gusset all in one using short rows. I find this a better way of doing heels when knitting two socks at a time on two circular needles. Its far less fiddly. And the end product doesn't really look any different from the heel flap method.

And finally I really have to get back to my Anniversary Mystery Shawl. I've started on clue 4 and then still need to do the edging. I like the pattern and I like the colour of the yarn but I've neglected this shawl terribly. So, as soon as I finish my socks I will start paying more attention to this shawl.


Anonymous said...

If I still lived in Wisconsin I would be jumping up and down with my hand in the air for that hood. It looks great and perfect for -20 weather I was used to in Wisconsin weather.
I absolutely adore the shawl. The colour is so perfectly turqoise! You have to finish it, I am so curious to see what the final product is going to look like!

sue said...

The hoodie turned out great. I love the color of the shawl, just beautiful. I always seem to never finish knitting my socks. I have cast on for the 2nd one but always seem to start other projects instead.

marjolein said...

I love your Hoodie and all your projects are great have a nice day

val said...

love the shawl colour - im sure theres a biker out there or a fisherman who would love the hood ;)

MarĂ­a said...

I love love the hood you did a great job, and I would so need something warm like this for my head,I live in Iceland and it's getting very cold here and it's snowing and freezing outside!!

T. said...

Canada = COLD.
Freezing rain today.
I love the top you're knitting for the Melbourne Cup KAL.

Ann said...

Great projects & I love the lace shawl. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your Henly Perfected is gorgeous & using the silk is a great choice - it's on my list too.

Amanda said...

Sorry folks, the hoodie has been claimed.

MoniqueB. said...

I've knitted the AMS too, several times, but frogging it mostly halfway down clue 3. I still haven't finished it, probably never will.
You're using a great colour and it looks really soft.