Wednesday, 17 December 2008

FO: Moebius and lone heart heel socks

I've manged to finish a couple more things in the last week. The first is Cat Bordhi's Moebius cowl/shawl. Now why did I knit warm winter apparel at the start of summer? Because I felt like it, of course. It so happens that the other day I bought 2 skeins of Joy because I loved the colour and I couldn't resist. When I got home I wanted to cast on immediately and opted for the Moebius. I've never knitted one before, wanted to learn the technique and I thought the yarn would suit the pattern. So here it is.

My only modifications were to knit 2 rows less of the lace edge and one row less of the garter edge because I could see I was running out of yarn. Even so I ran out of yarn with 16 stitches still to cast-off. Fortunately as its a variegated yarn I nabbed a bit of a totally different yarn in a similar colour and finished it off. This will go in my growing pile of gifts. (Thank you T, its your fault that this pile has developed.)

I also finished these socks. I used Cleckheaton Bamboo again. I really like the feel of this yarn.

Even though these socks are knitted from the toe up I was still concerned that I might not have enough yarn so I only did one and a half pattern repeats but increased the rib from 12 rounds to 17 rounds.

Okay, back to my Mandala. Only 27 rows to go and then I can start the edging.


Anonymous said...

will have to check out that sock pattern ;) as Im going to start my sock knitting today :)

T. said...

Love the Moebius - it's also in my queue...

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Nice scarf and socks. Those Moebius scarves are difficult to knit at least they were for me. I'm very impressed with your scarf.
Good job.