Friday, 5 December 2008

Home Sweet Home

This mound is the home of a spotted pardalote. The mound is in our backyard and we spotted these gorgeous little birds when they flew out of the nest. They are often referred to as the jewels of the bush.

Here is a close-up of the nest entrance. It's very strange that these little canopy dwelling birds choose to make their nests in the ground.

I have been busy knitting see:

All of this is a result of the Stocking up for Christmas swap on Ravelry. I sent my parcel off to my swap pal yesterday and only realised in the post office that I never took any photos of all the goodies I knitted for her. Ah well...

Ever since I have been knitting more things for the kids in the neighbourhood. All will be revealed when I've finished.


valli said...

ohhh no! i hope these little birds arent nesting in my backyard becasue ive found some holes like these and ive been filling them in as i was freaking out thinking they were snake or spider holes!!!! am i a birdie killer!! waaaaaaaahhh!!

MoniqueB. said...

Lovely Stockings for Stocking up.
Great colours.

Baruch said...

How exciting to have this little visitor in your garden. Please keep us up to date :)