Monday, 12 October 2009

Spring has sprung

One of the pleasures of moving to a new house is discovering the garden. As the days go by I keep finding new things popping up and bursting into flower. For the first time in many years we have had a wet spring and the garden is responding very well. Its a delight to be surrounded by so much colour.

On the knitting front I have finally managed to cast on a pair of socks. I'm knitting Cat Bordhi's Veil of leaves. The yarn is from Ripples Crafts in the colourway Bluebells - so appropriate for spring don't you think?

I have also managed to pick up all 600 stitches for my Dark Star stole and I've knitted 2 and a half rows. If only I could find a bit more time!


Lupie said...

I love these socks. Cat is a master sock designer.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

How nice to have all those beautiful flowers.

T. said...

HOw long does 1 row of 600 st take you??

Helen said...

Those socks are looking lovely, Amanda. Glad to hear you're settling in.

Annie said...

Spring: I'm jealous! Here it's dark, rainy and windy. How nice to discover all those lovely flowers in your new garden.
And knitting Cat Bordhi socks is always a pleasure.