Friday, 13 November 2009

Swing into summer

For the past week it would appear that spring has made an early departure and summer is here with a vengeance. It is hot! And what does one do when its hot? One casts a pair of socks on of course.

I've started to knit a pair of Sunday Swing socks. I'm knitting these on 2.5mm circulars (two at a time of course). And the yarn is Miami from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Its a lovely 50/50 wool cotton blend and ideal for hot weather knitting. Unfortunaly BWM don't advertise this yarn on line nor has it been available at the mill shop my last couple of visits. Its a shame because these are my last skeins and I really like this yarn.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Amanda :)

i love the socks you knit for me im sure they were this same yarn brand :)

too hot to knit, too hot to sleep, i am all over the place with this heat!


Lupie said...

I love theses socks. I will put them on my daughter's sock list for me.

sue said...

I still have some of that sock yarn from my last visit. If you like you can have it as I probably wont knit it up. Let me know and I will try and find it in my stash, lol!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the offer Sue - I'll be in touch!

Bells said...

oh i have some of that yarn. it was given to me ages ago. You've reminded me and I should dig it out!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

That sock yarn is beautiful.
I love all of those colors.
It should make great socks.