Sunday, 21 February 2010

A brief pause

I am disappearing for a couple of weeks. I'm going to Perth to meet my mother who is coming from South Africa for a nice long visit.

Unfortunately I am going to have to leave my Snow Queen behind. I have just started on Chart F.

I hope I will still have enough internet access to be able to visit blogs and Ravelry while we are away. I'll think of you all as I relax on the beach!


helen said...

Have fun in Perth. Wave to my sis if you see her :-) And enjoy the beach!

Anonymous said...

have a great trip! Your nupps are looking SO good!

T. said...

Perth!!! My new (soon to be) hometown! Have a great trip.

Annie said...

It's amazing how much your Snow Queen resembles mine! My beads are ' iceblue' though, and hardly visible. I'll use another colour for the next zig zag.
Summer, sun and beach - I'm jealous. We have snow, rain, fog and everything is grey.
Have fun!