Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I have been knitting

I did do a bit of knitting while I was on holiday. I seemed to have started quite a number of projects the last few weeks but I have managed to complete a few. And here they are.

First I made a vintage hand towel. I first saw this towel on Bells' blog and just knew I had to knit it. I knitted this one for a lovely friend in Perth.

And then I knitted a second one for myself.

I also knitted a pair of Mountain Form Slippers for my mother.

These were all really easy knits and very suitable holiday knitting.

Since returning home I have also knitted a Keyhole scarf for a gift. I couldn't make up my mind what I was going to knit for this gift except that I wanted it to be appropriate for the recipient. After much stalking and searching I settled on this pattern and decided that it would be a perfect match for a skein of Ridgy Didge Handnspun Yarn.

And I think the two have worked well together.

I have also cast on another couple of projects but they are being neglected at the moment while I focus my attention on my Snow Queen.


Annie said...

Great knitting!
It's nice to have such easy knits for a change, isn't it? And with such great results.
My Snowqueen is progressing very slowly - my lace asks a lot of my attention: the lacemaking season (the school I go to) is nearly over and I want to finish my project.

Cybèle said...

My mum is knitting that dishcloth too ;-) I think I probably saw it on Bellsknits too and really liked them straightaway, so I sent my mum the link and she got started on them straightaway.
Enjoy your mum's visit!

T. said...

I love that handspun! Excellent holiday knitting.

sue said...

I love the handtowels you knit. I saw Bells' one too and loved it. Maybe that should be a project for the school holidays whilst the kids are doing a project! I think my mum has knit some slippers similar to those for my sister, and she loves them. Apparently they are very comfy to wear.

Ann said...

Lovely dishcloths & thanks for your lovely comment on my socks. Can you send me your email details so that I can send you the pattern.