Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Island life draws to a close

Our time on Kangaroo Island is fast coming to an end. By this time next week I will be back in the comfort of my own house with reliable internet connection again.

In the meantime I managed to get up close to some of the locals. Here is a rather attractive specimen.

A family group lazing in the sun.

Having a bit of a gossip.

And one of my favourite birds, the pelican.

Knitting has been taking place but more about that once I am home again.


Annie said...

Beautiful pictures again, Amanda!
Like you I was away, and didn't have internet. Hope you have a few more nice days.

Why are we here? said...

Lovely pics - can't wait to see the knitting.

BadCatDesigns said...

How lovely. It must be hard to re-adjust to being home after such amazing nature.

Lupie said...

It looks like such a beautiful place!!