Saturday, 17 July 2010

Taking stock

I've reached the half way mark of my Personal Sock Yarn Club.

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From left to right I have knitted the following: Luminare, Angee, Gail, Traveling Woman, Master Upstream and Dahlia.

I have only recently finished my June project. I followed Cat Bordhi's Upstream Master Pattern. The yarn is Heirloom Jigsaw. Its been ages since I have knitted with a self striping yarn. And take note Mary, I only managed fraternal socks despite my best efforts!


Celeritas said...

Wow, great projects. Definite and lovely theme going there in the colours.

Mary said...

And what beautiful fraternal socks those turned out to be! Great work.

pendie said...

fraternal or not, I love the color!

Anonymous said...

Loving the colours are my sock guru!!! xo ;-)

Sue said...

So many beautiful projects. I like the new look of your blog too.