Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Fresh start

I had considered doing a retrospective post but once I started adding my projects for 2010 together I decided not to. Should you be interested and you are on Ravelry then you can see my forty completed projects here. And no Mary, I didn't count socks and mitts separately and even if I did I couldn't match your massive achievement of 97 completed projects!

Instead I am going to focus on the year to come. What would I like to achieve in the knitting world this year? Well, first and foremost, I would like to complete my Summer Squares Blanket. This poor blanket was very badly neglected during most of 2010. Just before christmas I decided to mend my ways and had a spurt of activity. Over the past two weeks I have managed to complete 11 more squares. I am now only two short of the halfway mark. I have completed 26 of the 56 squares.

This project also ties in rather nicely with two new groups I have joined on Ravelry. The first is the Stash Down Under group. Yes, yes I intend knitting from stash this year. With a caveat or two! For example, yarn acquired while traveling falls into the souvenir category and has nothing to do with stash enhancement nor does gifted or swapped yarn count. (These are my rules and I will bend them as I please).

The other closely related group is the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club 2011. The intention is to knit six patterns this year. The patterns have been preselected through a voting process. The good thing about this club is that the rules are there to be adapted to suit your own purposes. The first pattern, Shur’tugal, is already underway and here is my progress.

I also intend learning new techniques and this sock pattern has already taught me something new in terms of twisted stitches.

My knitting output will be seriously compromised in the first half of the year for a couple of reasons. Nevertheless I intend to make the best of the situation by choosing appropriate projects but more of that at a later date.

Happy Knitting to all in 2011!


T. said...

You had an amazing output last year. And I agree with yarn from holidays - it's a souvenir NOT stash enhancement.

Annie said...

I keep hearing about new groups in Ravelry... Will I join - or won't I? It all seems so much fun!
Hope your knitting year will be great.

Mary said...

That is going to be a fabulous blanket!

Lupie said...

The summer square blanket is looking awesome.