Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I have been struggling to find projects to settle down too. I've been spending hours on Ravelry looking at all the lovely patterns and matching them to yarn in my stash. Part of my indecision is due to the fact that I am having eye surgery next month and thus I won't be able to knit anything too fine or intricate (so of course that is exactly what I am in the mood to knit!). Another influencing factor is that I need to get some gift knitting done to take on our travels in April and May. So what to knit?

Well it helped that Shur'tugal was the first pattern on the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club 2011. So I could actually start and finish my first project for the year. And I made these from stash yarn.

In preparation for not being able to see too well soon I started the following two projects both of which are destined to be gifts. The first is the Lacy Baktus.

And the second is the Cerus Scarf. Both these patterns are very simple and knitted on relatively large needles.

I also managed to reach the half way mark with my never ending blanket and yet I remained restless. Then, last night, I cast on Nypon. Relief! Finally a little bit of lace to keep me happy.


Sue said...

The socks look amazing, must check out that pattern as I think I must use some of my sock yarn stash this year instead of adding to it again. I love your baktus scarf too, very pretty. Hope your eye surgery goes well too.

Lupie said...

Your socks and lace are inspiring!

Annie said...

True: where would we be without lace, Amanda?! I have joined the Bad Cat group for the new Metamorphosis... Have you?

Mary said...

Love the socks! And the lace looks wonderful.

T. said...

Hope you find something to settle on soon!!