Sunday, 23 November 2008

A time for lace

I had intended calling this post A Long Lacy Summer but after yesterday's snow and the wind storm overnight I had to rethink that one. We woke to find a lot of debris in our garden, a small tree over our driveway and our road blocked by this:

But despite the cold my mind is still on lace. I have completed another 20 rows of my AMS. Now that might not sound much to you, and I can't really see the progress, BUT every row contains over 500 stitches at this stage so I figure its not bad going.

And for more instant gratification I have started a pair of rib and lace socks. I'm using Cleckheaton Bamboo for these. I love the soft silky feel of this yarn. Its a bit of an experiment because I have no idea how well the yarn will wear. I'm unable to link this pattern because it is one I tore out of Creative Knitting quite sometime ago. I was going through a cleaning up spree and tried to declutter. Never made a note of the issues when I ripped the patterns out. Live and learn.

Now I have been tagged by Cathy. I’m to comment about the last ten persons who leave a note on my blog. If you’re mentioned below, consider yourself tagged.

1) Blue Kelebek is a great crocheter and a relative newcomer to knitting. Although you would never have guessed it because her work is fabulous. Check out her latest lace shawl - WOW!

2) Jack is a fabulous craftster. Her patterns are well worth investigating.

3) Val has become a great blogging friend. I always look forward to her next posting and eagerly await her comment on my blog.

4) I met T when she and J ran the Hanami Kal and I have followed her progress ever since.

5) Baruch has a special place in my heart. I love her photography.

6) Mary's lace work is gorgeous and an inspiration.

7) Phyllis' blog simply bursts with life.

8) I discovered Bells' blog through A long Lacy Summer. And man, can this woman knit!

9) And then there's Cathy who tagged me. Her blog is well worth visiting.

10) And finally Machenmachen who made me that gorgeous sun hat. She has some lovely designs on her blog.

You don't need to feel obliged to play along but it will be great if you do. Even if you don't wish to tag others please do check out the tagged blogs because its a great way to meet new bloggers and to pass on the blogging word!


Anonymous said...

Hey look at that I am famous! I think I can play with this one. I will enjoy going through the other blogs you've listed.
It's so cold here too. It's crazy to think we turned on the air con two weeks ago and now we are back to the heater!

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys are having the same weather as us - more rain is on the way :(

thanks for the tag :) we love hearing and reading what you are up to too :)

I'll pop a post up shortly.

love them socks - wish you had a pattern link :(

Baruch said...

Hehehe .... thanks for the tag and the kind words :) Sorry to hear about the storms

Bells said...

Aww thanks!

You know, those socks look seriously identical to the ones I'm knitting, which are called Go With the Flow and are from Interweave knits. THE SAME! I must show you a photo. Different cuff, but the same stitch. How odd.

20 rows of lace with that many stitches is great progress!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Thanks for the tag. I really enjoy reading your blog.
Great job on the socks.