Saturday, 30 January 2010

From little things....

... big things grow. Or so the song tells us. And I hope that this will be the case for my Summer Squares blanket. I have finally completed another square. Here is the leaf.

Its been so long since I have worked on this blanket that I have forgotten how many squares I need. But I know I need many more!

I've been hoarding all my left over sock yarn because I just can't bear to throw out such pretty stuff. I thought I would knit one of these with all the left over yarn (and still might) but then I saw Dzonba on Ravelry. I knitted this in the course of an evening. When finished they look like this:

But once you put them on they look like this:

I used some left over Bendigo Woollen Mills Miami for these. This is a cotton/wool blend and as a result doesn't have a lot of stretch in it. I think if I used this yarn again I would do an extra increase row or two.


Annie said...

Nice slippers - small projects like that are such fun. I love the yarn. And the square looks nice, too. I had a look at Bad Cat's blog and it will look beautiful!

Mary said...

What cute little socklets! (I think I made that word up)

I keep forgetting that I still have squares to knit for my big blanket, I keep finding new lacey things to knit.

Lupie said...

Love these! I must make pair.

MoniqueB. said...

Hi Amanda,
those slippers are very pretty, and fit very well!
The leaf is vèry pretty!

valli said...

they are great foot socks..perfect for when i do Tai Chi ;) hint, hint :D