Sunday, 3 January 2010

Off the needles

I finished these projects a little while ago but I've been a bit tardy posting about them.

First I made this reversible egg and nest for young Daniel and it was a great success.

He loved the way the egg transforms into a little bird.

The pattern is from itty-bitty toys.

Next I finished these lacy anklet socks for a special person and they will be winging their way to her shortly. I know she occasionally looks at my blog so I don't want to spoil the surprise completely. The yarn is Patonyle - lovely and soft. The pattern is from an old Creative Knitting magazine and unfortunately I now longer have the issue details. Oh and note the lovely sock blockers - this is their maiden fitting!

At the end of last week I received the Tofutsies from J. Thank you so much! They arrived too late to be included in my personal sock club but I already have plans....


Helen said...

I love the bird in the egg! He's gorgeous. You must be very patient as I'm sure it was quite a fiddly knit!

Mary said...

The little bird in the egg is fantastic, what a clever little toy!!

How did you like using the sock blockers? Your socks look wonderful on them.

Anonymous said...

Love the toy! If I lose about half a kilo more I will buy the same book. Can't wait. Love the socks too of course, but needs a better photo so I can see the butterfly!

T. said...

LOVE that little bird - too cute.

And Tofutsies all the way from J!! If I would have known I'd have included a little treat from my house!

Happy New Year.

lunaticraft said...

Oh may goodness, the reversable birds nest is the cutest thing I've seen yet this year, I think. It's so clever!

Baruch said...

Thank you dearest coz! The socks have arrived and what a surprise!! I love them - they are beautiful and sit so comfy on my feet. I haven't been visiting your blog for a while so I had no idea :) I think I might sleep with them tonight ... hehe