Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The next two

Two scarves to show this time. First my Dahlia scarf. Quick and easy on 5mm needles. The yarn is Henry's Attic Kona hand dyed by Kelebek. I was very pleased with the way the yarn bloomed ever so slightly after washing.

The scarf is soft and cuddly but light as a feather. It measures 188cm x 30.5cm.

The second scarf is the one I knitted for my friend Val. The pattern is the Oiseau de Feu by Caoua Coffee and is based on the following tale:

Igor Stravinsky’s ballet “l’oiseau de feu” (firebird) tells the story of Prince Ivan, who one day captures a bird with brilliant plumage, the Firebird. In exchange for her freedom, the bird gives him one of her feathers and her promise to come to his aid if ever he needs her. After the bird has flown away, Prince Ivan catches sight of 13 princesses who are captives in the magic garden of Kashchei, the evil magician. Though warned, he tears open the fence to follow the girls, whereupon he is suddenly confronted by Kashchei himself. When the magician tries to turn him to stone, Ivan pulls out the feather and summons the Firebird, who appears true to her word, kills the magician and frees the prince and the princesses.

The main pattern of the scarf shows the fence of the magic garden with the beautiful princesses behind, while in the border you find the feathers of the firebird.

The luscious yarn is Pagewood Farm Alyeska Hand Dyed Sock Yarn and I used 3.25mm needles. The scarf measures 135 cm x 20cm.


val said...

I cheated and came here to see if you had a photo of it before it arrives!...i love it!!! - its beautiful..cant wait to wear it with pride :)..cheers Amanda theres no way on earth i would ever have been able to knit it myself xx

T. said...

Where did you get these lovely looking yarns? The colours are amazing!

Cybèle said...

That last one is gorgeous! Love the colour and pattern.

Bells said...

one of the prettiest scarves I've ever seen. I truly love it!

sue said...

They are both simply stunning scarves Amanda!

Pat said...

Beautiful. I am so jealous that you can knit these lovely things so quickly.